Installing VMware Enterprise Systems Connector

Things change fast, very fast. So VMware AirWatch 9.1 is out and so is the new installer which serves as the unified connector for Workspace ONE; AirWatch, and Identity Manager.

So if you were used to installing the ACC (AirWatch Cloud Connector) or the Linux appliance vIDM (VMware Identity Manager Connector), you should know that these two products have now been tied into one and have been branded VMware Enterprise Systems Connector.

Which I think is great, as editing a Linux appliance and bash, sudo, cat, vi. Yeah, it was fun.

I’ll walk you through the installation of the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and enterprise integration.

So we’ve navigated to the Workspace ONE-tenant (VMware Identity Manager-tenant) which tells us that we need to download a Connector to configure it.


You can find the download by logging into your AirWatch-tenant and navigating to Systems > Enterprise Integration > VMware Enterprise Systems Connector



Just as before when downloading the installers, it asks for a password. Store it somewhere, you’ll be using this for the installation later.






Get it on the server, run it.


So one change is that there is a new dependency, which is .NET Framework 4.6.2 we can use the installer to get it or you can grab it from Microsoft from here.


download from here



and install

Next, it informs us we require JRE, let’s run through it as well.



And that’s it.

Very straightforward, make sure to verify it by hitting “Test Connection”.



I’m going to VMworld 2017 Barcelona!

Trip is booked and I’m leaving on Sunday for VMworld 2017 in Barcelona, woho!

I’ll be blogging each day and I’ll try to include pictures and information for those not able to attend.

A lot of exciting sessions, I can’t wait to hear more about Horizon in the Public Clouds or the exciting breakout sessions about the Digital Workspace, Security Transformation and especially the many roundtable sessions. If you are curious about the sessions check out the tracks here.

Looking forward to meet up with many of you, and hitting up vendor booths and just theory-crafting ideas, and concepts to come.


If you are going to VMworld 2017 next week and want to meet up, hit me up on here, message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

If nothing else make sure you’re signed up for the variety of events available after hours. If you know me you call me or mail me. You got my digits.

Stay tuned for my updates on VMworld 2017 over on Twitter @UlvBjornsson and thanks for tuning in!