Integrating AirWatch with Active Directory

We are going to connect your AirWatch environment with your Active Directory. We will be using the Directory Services page to configure the settings that let you integrate your AirWatch server with your organization’s domain controller (the server hosting your directory services system).

The scenario outlined in this tutorial assumes that you already have the following items:

  • Active Directory
  • AirWatch

Log in to your AirWatch Admin Console and navigate to:
System -> Enterprise Integration -> Directory Services


We are going to “Skip wizard and configure manually.”


Now map in your directory type. We’ll be using “Active Directory”. If your environment has a DNS SRV, allowing it to get the Active Directory servers from the DNS you can enable it to look it up. Feed in the Service Account-credentials and choose bind type. Most of the time it’ll be “GSS-Negotiate


When you are done configuring it for your environment, hit “Test Connection“. If all is well, it should give you a green status mesasge.


Congratulations, you’ve now established an enterprise integration with your SaaS and Active Directory.

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