See you at the World Blockchain Forum in London!

Event ticket is booked, and plane tickets are locked-in!

Who else is going to the World Blockchain Forum? It’s being held in London from September 25th to the 26th, and also the Dash Conference is on the 24th of September!

It’s a very exciting time, with the increased adoption of blockchain technology, the pace of innovation and the amount of money being thrown after ICOs. This conference will have a wide array of exciting topics from blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, ICOs and investing, regulations, startups and disruption and so much more!

Some of the biggest personalities, developers and minds in the industry will be speaking and presenting in 20-minute time slots throughout the two-day conference.

To list some of the speakers:

ANTHONY DI IORIO CEO Jaxx, Co-Founder Ethereum

Anthony is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and devout supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and decentralized technologies. He is a co-founder, advisor and consultant for the Ethereum Project; founder and president of Decentral, Decentral Consulting and; founder and CEO of KryptoKit; and organizer of the Toronto DEC_TECH events hosted at MaRS Discovery District. His companies and projects operate out of Toronto’s Decentral, a business development hub where resident companies specialize in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other decentralized blockchain technologies including Ethereum.

JEREMY GARDNER Founder at Augur

Jeremy Gardner is the founder and chairman of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN) and a founder of Augur, the decentralized prediction market platform. He now works as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Blockchain Capital and as editor-in-chief of Distributed Magazine. Outside of the blockchain space, he is a board member at Unsung, the food waste and hunger-fighting nonprofit startup.


Brendan is a serial entrepreneur in the technology space since the age of 14, and has built businesses including trading of virtual currencies in MMORPGs in the US, in Hong Kong, and 1Group in India. Brendan has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2014 and is an active speaker at various public and private blockchain conferences including in Hong Kong and India.


#1 private merchant of digital goods, the owner of World of Games and Global Games (15M games sold over the past 5 years); Founder of — 2nd biggest virtual items marketplace (10M items sold over the past year); Founder and CEO of Suntechsoft. A gamer, a futurist, a successful entrepreneur, and a strong supporter of everything tech. Volodymyr believes that the blockchain technology is about to change the way we play and the way we address our time playing, bringing the cyber future a step closer


Taylor has been a key contributor to Dash since mid-2014. He left a traditional Wall Street career in March 2016 to join the Dash Core full-time helping accelerate Dash’s progress in becoming a blockchain industry leader and global payments network. Before joining Dash, Taylor was a hedge fund analyst covering a global stable of payments industry investments for the private equity and public market funds of a $20 billion investment firm based in New York, and previously served as an Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office in New York.

That is just some of the all-stars who’ll be presenting at this years World Blockchain Forum & Dash Conference in London. I’m full of hype, and looking forward to learn more and hear about exciting projects and delve deeper into new technologies!

Hit me up if you are going! I’ll make sure to posts some pictures and info from the event! And as always you can reach me on twitter @UlvBjornsson or hit me up here!

Hope to see you,


3 thoughts on “See you at the World Blockchain Forum in London!

    • Hello Eric,

      Microsoft is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and is also made available various blockchain solutions via the Microsoft Cloud (Azure). Microsoft has also released the Coco Framework to ease enterprises into adopting blockchain technology (

      As for Amazon they are rumoured to be looking into accepting cryptocurrency payments. It’s important to remember that Amazon, Facebook is centralized and as such, blockchain in a decentralized solution with the correct use case would be a competitor to them. I doubt however that they aren’t researching it, or looking into the potential, it is, however, likely that they aren’t announcing it. Several blockchain solutions are hosted on AWS (this, however, is a consumed service by those blockchain solutions and does not necessarily imply any partnership between them and AWS.)

      The internet, electricity and so-on it took awhile for the mainstream to adopt it, started with the enthusiasts and academics, they proved the use cases, it then spread like wildfire and was widely adopted.


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