Powershell: Move objects from OU to target OU

Simple way to move computers from one OU to a target OU using –LDAPFilter which allows you to modify it. Current form is objectClass meaning it’ll move anything that is designated an objectclass from OU to target OU, you can change this to be (name=PC*) with * being a wildcard moving any object starting with PC from OU to target OU.


Sets Moves AD object based on -LDAPFilter from OU to target OU.

.DESCRIPTION  Script will search through Active Directory OU and move all objects matching -LDAPfilter to target OU.

.PARAMETER $OU    Enter full name of OU you wish to limit search to

Version:        1.0  
Author:         ulbjo  
Creation Date:  07/06/17  
Purpose/Change: Initial script development  
.EXAMPLE (name=PC*) will filter search and move only PC starting with PC* to target OU.

$computerstomove = Get-ADComputer -LDAPFilter "(objectClass=*)" -SearchBase "CN=Computers,DC=Customer,DC=ulvbjornsson,DC=com"foreach ($computertomove in $computerstomove) { Move-ADObject $computertomove -TargetPath "OU=Computers,OU=Production,DC=Customer,DC=ulvbjornsson,DC=com"



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